Finding Your Harmony with Rebecca Weller

Recently we decided that we needed to hear more from those inspiring women that live harmonious lives every single day.

People who inspire us and motivate us to find happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We want to know how they do it and what they can offer as advice.

Here is our interview with the lovely Rebecca Weller!

Rebecca Weller is a Health & Life Coach, Author and Speaker. Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Healthpreneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca has coached hundreds of women to get their sparkle back and create a life they love. Creator of and, she provides one-on-one and group coaching programs, hosts live events, and is the author of the recently released book: ‘A Happier Hour‘.



What are some of the ways you make your day-to-day life more harmonious?

I love my day planner – it helps me to stay focused and prioritise my workload, preventing me from getting overwhelmed.  Previously I struggled with a lot of internal angst and drama when I was drinking, so for me, being sober is key. Keeping a decluttered desk also helps. And tea, lots of tea!   

How do you stay creative and inspired about the things you do every day?

Receiving so much feedback from my beautiful clients and members every day helps to drive my non-stop enthusiasm and passion. But I’m also mindful of burn out, so I go for lots of walks in nature – through parks, or along beaches. The fresh air and sunshine are so good for the soul!  When you do work you love, it can be easy to get out of balance by pushing yourself too hard, so I also try to maintain balance by scheduling time for the other important things in life, like brunch dates with friends, and quality time with my love.

How has deciding to become sober affected you on a day-to-day basis? Do you think it is a lifestyle change that others should try? 

Having more time is a big one, and that time is so much more productive and joyful.  As a former party girl, I never once believed that I would enjoy being sober.  To be honest, the thought of never drinking again terrified me.  To my surprise, I discovered that quitting drinking isn’t just about clean living.  It’s about giving yourself the freedom to explore all that you can be.

If it feels like forever since you’ve had a long hangover-free spell, ninety days of sobriety is typically long enough for your body and mind to fully detox.  It’ll also give you some breathing space so you can redefine your relationship with alcohol.  See how you feel.  Notice what happens to your moods, your energy levels, and your outlook on life.     

A long period of sobriety can help you gain clarity on your life goals.  It can have a huge influence on your relationships and productivity, not to mention your bank balance.  Plus it’ll entice you to be creative and try some new things.  Adventures like trapeze lessons, or aerial yoga, or starting that book you always wanted to write.



What’s the biggest thing that people can do right now to create more harmony in their life?

This took me decades to learn, but ultimately everything needs to begin from a place of self-love.  It’s only when we love and respect ourselves (and our bodies) that we can finally attain that happy, healthy lifestyle we truly crave.  

First, tune in to your body. Start really listening to it. What’s it telling you about how much rest you need, or which forms of movement suit you best? When you eat, slow down. Notice how you feel during the meal and afterwards. Take stock of your usual eating patterns and note which ones arise out of boredom or habit, or when you feel frustrated, scared or overwhelmed. When you find yourself mindlessly reaching for snacks, stop for a moment. Breathe. Are you really hungry or is something deeper going on?  Follow the same process of mindfulness throughout your day, bringing awareness to any patterns emerging, and any areas of your life that you feel are out of balance.

Next, apply self-care (and kindness!).  What do you feel you need to do to address that imbalance? Could you spend more time outdoors in the sunshine, away from TV and technology? Fill a vase with beautiful flowers? Organise a picnic lunch date with a friend? Light aromatherapy candles and take a bubble bath? As they say; you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Fill your cup first, hon.  Show yourself some appreciation, lady! Cherish your temple, replenish your energy, and invite bliss back into your life.

What are your goals for the future? What have you got planned for this year?

I’m so excited to have just published my first book, A Happier Hour.  It’s a memoir about how I overcame my own dysfunctional relationship with alcohol, and how it led to me creating Sexy Sobriety – an online coaching program that has changed the lives of hundreds of women worldwide.  My future plans include a national book tour, speaking at several live events, and continuing a sexy sober revolution!


Rebecca’s new book “A Happier Hour” is available through her website Sexy Sobriety.

You can find out more about Rebecca through her beautiful website Bex Weller or you can head to Sexy Sobriety to learn more about the revolution!

You can also find her on social media:





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