Finding Your Harmony with Claire Baker

Recently we decided that we needed to hear more from those inspiring women that live harmonious lives every single day.

People who inspire us and motivate us to find happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We want to know how they do it and what advice they can offer us.

This time we sat down with Claire Baker from This Is Lifeblood!

Claire Baker is a certified coach, passionate writer and speaker. Claire guides vibrant women towards a life ripe with greater confidence, less stress, improved relationships and clear complexions.


What are some of the ways you make your day-to-day life more harmonious?

I’ve realised recently what huge positive impact being self-employed has made on the “harmony” of my life. Sure, I might work weird and long hours at random times, but actually this works for me. That example could be a reflection of how I try to make my day-to-day life more harmonious in general: just doing it my way. I’m very mindful of my energy and being introverted, I need a lot of time alone to process and restore. Everyday I’m getting better at saying “no” (or at least “maybe, let me get back to you”) and taking myself outside first thing in the morning to sweat (or meander) is a must. Everything else just comes down to trusting myself and trusting that I’ll know what “harmonious” looks like for me, that day. Rigid routines ain’t my thing.

How do you stay creative and inspired about the things you do every day?

I don’t always, to be honest. When your passion becomes your “job” then often the romance needs rekindling. It’s like a relationship — sometimes quality time together is the best thing and this might mean devoting an entire day of the week to one particular project or taking my work to a cafe to focus and honour it, but sometimes space is required too. If I’m not feeling inspired, then I know it’s a sign I probably need some time off, or at least off the thing that isn’t filling my cup. I want to make myself miss it. And when something just stops feeling good… it might be time to let it go. 


What was your biggest learning/growth experience in the past year?

Do it my way, do it my way, do it my way.

How do you stay focused on the things that are important (love, happiness) and not be distracted by all the drama that goes on around us?

I’m pretty particular about who I spend my time with. It’s our most precious resource right? You can always make more money, but time is finite and I think I’ve find myself at a point in my life where there isn’t drama in my personal life, mostly. I can get sucked into the vortex that is social media just like anyone else, but I do have firm boundaries around who I do and don’t follow and what I do and don’t engage with. Again — space! You’ve got to be fierce about creating it and guarding it. 


What’s the biggest thing that people can do right now to create more harmony in their life?

Get to know yourself. What energises you? What drains you? How do you want to live your life, your everyday? Who do you want in it? What’s it time to let go of? A Less / More list is always a great place to start. Simply draw a line down a page, write “less of…” on the left column and “more of…” on the right, take a big breath and get writing. 

What are your goals for the future? What have you got planned for this year?

I’ve just recently moved from Perth to London and that really feels like it’s been my big theme or “thing” of 2016. Really I’d just love to sail into the last chapter of this year feeling more grounded in this new city (country / continent!) and being open, open, open. My words for this year were OPEN HEART and reconnecting with that feels nice. Of course, I could also say that I’d love to make progress on a book I’m writing, release some new online programs, undertake some more professional training I’ve got my eye on and see more of Europe, but that will come. 


Claire Baker is a certified coach, passionate writer and speaker, creator of online program ‘Wild, Well & Creative’ and author of ‘She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad’. Claire guides vibrant women towards a life ripe with greater confidence, less stress, improved relationships and clear complexions. She’ll have you throwing out the scales, booking the flight, launching the blog – and falling back in love with your life.

Claire believes in the power of exquisite self care for radical self expression. Through her authentic and empowering blog, eBooks, online programs and live workshops you can consider Claire your personal advocate for living an energised, playful and heart-centred life. 

You can read more about Claire and her work on her beautiful site:

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