Finding Your Harmony with Patty Kikos

Recently we decided that we needed to hear more from those inspiring women that live harmonious lives every single day.

People who inspire us and motivate us to find happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We want to know how they do it and what advice they can offer us.

This time we got to talk to the awesome entrepreneur, kinesiologist, teacher, reiki master and all round amazing person Patty Kikos.

Patty Kikos is a soulful wellness entrepreneur who shines her light as a speaker, counsellor, kinesiologist, energy healer, reiki master and senior kundalini yoga teacher.



What are some of the ways you make your day-to-day life more harmonious?

For the past 18 months, I’ve made it a point to leave some empty space in my day.

This is a conscious decision that not only stops me from slipping into my old workaholic tendencies, but also to stay open to spontaneous meetings with friends, family and associates.

This means that I’m no longer always in a hurry, I’m actually present when I’m down at the beach near my home when I bump into someone I know. 

I also don’t schedule my appointments in my phone – I use a diary and write everything in pencil.

This is primarily because I feel like I’m on my phone more than enough already, but mostly because by scheduling it in my diary, it allows me to be more mindful about how I fill up my days instead of reactive to people’s requests.

How do you stay creative and inspired about the things you do every day?

That’s a phenomenal question because I suffer from shiny-new-object syndrome, so staying inspired instead of allowing myself to be distracted has been an interesting lesson. 

I’ve formed a new relationship with my creativity in recent months, in that I don’t try to force it to flow when I’m not really feeling it. 

It’s the same with my inspiration. I used to be really hard on myself when I wasn’t feeling inspired, but these days I think of it like an interesting portal opening. 

Yoga philosophy teaches us hat the greatest form of suffering comes from the desire and the yearning for things to be different. 

When I’m more accepting of this perceived ‘lack’ of inspiration, it’s easier to honour the truth of my feelings and by doing this, it usually leads me to where my soul is better aligned. 

Sometimes this has meant that I needed to change the way I was approaching a particular project, at other times it has meant I needed a break because I was too tired or in some cases, the project had come to an end and I found I had been holding on out of fear. 



What was your biggest learning/growth experience in the past year?

There have been many, there always are, but some of the more profound lessons have stemmed from an even deeper feeling of gratitude:

I discovered that I am just as grateful for the stuff I’d planned that didn’t actually happen. As it turns out what the universe had in store for me, was far greater than I had ever envisioned for myself. And I realised:

• I’m grateful because after years of banging my head against the wall, I’m learning the art of surrendering

• I’m grateful because after years of forcing shit to go my way, I’m learning to go with the flow

• I’m grateful because after years of telling the world what I want, I’m learning to ask for guidance

• I’m grateful because after years of feeling anxious about a bill or a deadline, I’m learning that solutions emerge from a state of calm, and not fear.

I’m also grateful for learning to embrace unexpected events and people that come in to my life, and to cherish beautiful moments throughout the day because holy mother of time ticking, it does fly by so quickly.

How do you stay focused on the things that are important (love, happiness) and not be distracted by all the drama that goes on around us?

I try hard not to do things that go against the grain of my personality both in my personal life and in my professional life, so if an opportunity doesn’t feel right, I’m much more comfortable saying no these days.

I have a daily practice that I love. And I love it because I change it up every 40 days so that I don’t get bored, but also so that I can live harmoniously with the changing seasons and the different cycles in my own life. 

This helps me stay focused because that sacred time that I dedicate to my yoga or meditation practice each day gives me the opportunity to stay focused on my current work project.

It’s interesting that you referred to drama in your question, as it’s energy source that I parted ways with a few years ago. This meant that I moved away from social circles that were no longer resonating with my personal values and as a result, I’m less likely to be impacted by the drama and the hype that used to distract me before.



What’s the biggest thing that people can do right now to create more harmony in their life?

Sleep more and rest better!

As a society I think that being busy is a sign of success, especially when you work for yourself as it suggests that you’re doing well financially.

But I believe that how you do one thing is how you do most things and the predisposition to want to do a lot can become addictive, much like the feeling that we don’t want to miss out on anything means that our social life needs to be scheduled like a well oiled machine as well.

I think most of us can feel more harmonious in our life when it stops being normal to wear this ‘busyness’ like a badge of honour. 

What are your goals for the future? What have you got planned for this year?

Ah so many goals, but you know the main difference to my answer now than if you’d asked me a few years ago?

I want to feel loved, inspired, safe and powerful as I transition through my different life experiences towards my goals.

In the past, I was always so focused on the end result that I’d forget to check in with how I felt along the way.

As a result, it meant that I sometimes pushed shit uphill unnecessarily

My plans for the rest of the year? To finish my free chakra balance e-course so that I can share these sacred teachings with as many people as possible.

I’ve also decided to expand my other business as a celebrant for the first time so that’s really exciting as it’s taking me all around Australia uniting amazing people that are in love.


Patty Kikos is a soulful wellness entrepreneur who shines her light as a speaker, counsellor, kinesiologist, energy healer, reiki master and senior kundalini yoga teacher.

She is renowned for inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs to make incredible internal transformations that magnify their effectiveness and impact on the world and has taught and presented at many yoga & wellness festivals over the years.

Patty has an innate ability to demystify timeless teachings that makes ancient wisdom, deep spiritual teachings and advanced energetic practices easily accessible through her sessions, workshops and e-courses.

Her methods quickly help you transform your energy centres (chakras) to balance your glands, strengthen your nervous system, dissolve stress triggers and unleash your true energetic potential.

You can check out her beautiful website here:

You can also find her on social media:




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