Finding Your Harmony with Sonia Donaldson

Recently we decided that we needed to hear more from those inspiring women that live harmonious lives every single day.

People who inspire us and motivate us to find happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We want to know how they do it and what advice they can offer us.

This time we sat down with Sonia Donaldson the Natural New Age Mum!



What are some of the ways you make your day-to-day life more harmonious?

To make my day to day life more harmonious, I like to start with some little rituals. I pull an oracle card, take some bush flower essences and set an intention for the day, all before my feet hit the floor. While I’m working from home I put my oil diffusers and some relaxing music on. Before I go to bed I will often write in my gratitude journal and meditate. They are such small things but they make a big impact!

How do you stay creative and inspired about the things you do every day?

I stay creative and inspired about the things I do every day by being intuitive.  After having some health issues, I am very conscious of becoming burnt out so I take time daily to check in with my mind and body. I really honour the value of rest and rejuvenation. I think as well as being good for your body, it is also good for your mind. A quiet, peaceful mind makes space for creativity and inspiration. 

What was your biggest learning/growth experience in the past year?

I had a huge growth experience this year related to my intuition. I over-ruled a gut feeling and it had a disastrous effect. After getting over that episode I have vowed to myself to always always listen to my instincts. 

How do you stay focused on the things that are important (love, happiness) and not be distracted by all the drama that goes on around us?

I focus on the things that are important to me with two simple but powerful tools – gratitude and being present. When you are practicing gratitude, you automatically put yourself in a place of positivity. Being fully present in each moment is a work in progress but continually bring myself back to that point has enabled me to deal with any dramas with much more grace and ease. 

What’s the biggest thing that people can do right now to create more harmony in their life?

I think the biggest thing that people can do right now to create more harmony in their life is to make a commitment to themselves. What I mean by that is to honour your mind, body and spirit above all else. When you live in alignment, everything else in life falls into place. 

What are your goals for the future? What have you got planned for this year?

I have so much more information to share with my readers this year about living a healthy, happy and holistic life. A cookbook, a special project with my husband and more charity fundraising are in my future to unfold at the perfect time. 

You can read Sonia’s awesome blog here:

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